NEWS:Method and Machinery used for Precision Die Casting

Posted by:editer on 2018-04-25

Die Casting

A manufacturing method by injecting and pressing molten metal into molds for massive production of high precision castings with excellent surface quality.

Vacuum Die Casting

One of Die Casting methods, where air in the cavities is expelled to reduce the back pressure.

The key factor of this method is how to maintain the vacuum and how to control the injection timely. This method improves poor liquidity in the flow of molten metal and eliminates porous defect caused by the residual air; also known as decompressed die casting (or low-pressure die casting).


Die Casting Machine

A high-pressure die casting machine where hydraulic pressure is activated by pneumatic devices for pushing molten metal into the mold and taking form there; which (the product) is later de-molded by opening the mold after it is fully cured.



Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

One of die casting machines where material tubing is not immerged in the molten metal.